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Stormwater management systems are essential for managing runoff from storm events in Florida. We receive an average of 40 – 60 inches of rain each year in approximately 130 storm events. The resulting runoff contains among other things, oil and gas, pesticides, fertilizer, bacteria and heavy metals. A properly functioning stormwater system is essential to not only prevent flooding, but also protect the environment by filtering the water collected by the system.

Aquagenix is uniquely qualified to help inspect, maintain, repair, rehab and restore your stormwater system. There are a variety of stormwater systems including wet detention ponds, dry detention areas, retention basins and stormwater swales. All stormwater system components including, grates, pipes, head walls, inlets, catch basins, manholes, flumes, pond inflow and outfall structures and skimmers, should be inspected regularly as well as after major rainfall events.

We can provide regular maintenance programs from monthly and quarterly inspections to cleaning and removing vegetation, trash and debris commonly collected in the systems. Over time, stormwater system control structures naturally erode, crack and degrade. Aquagenix professionals can repair and rehab these as well.

Some of the other stormwater products and services we offer include: pond bank stabilization, erosion control, vacuum and jetting, weirs, grates, French drains, mowing, sodding and mulching.

Aquagenix is committed to maintaining stormwater systems in compliance with all regulations and applicable laws as well as ensuring the use of stormwater Best Management Practices.

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