You need to know information such as surface area, water volume and depth for proper lake management. Bottom muck accumulations in your ponds adversely affect the water’s quality and can also increase the chance of flooding. Knowing the water volume and depth of your lake is important for proper aeration and helps lowers cost for aquatic weed control.

Aquagenix offers a variety of mapping solutions for all of your needs. This includes knowing surface area, water volume, depth, sediment thickness, and other valuable information that are key to healthy lake management.

Satellite – Aquagenix uses the most up to date Google Earth tools to map lakes and provide key information such as lake area and perimeter measurements. This information is key to all lake management practices including herbicide treatment and organization. Having correct measurements helps lower costs and improves efficacy of treatments. These maps are most often used on properties displaying entire lake systems with all key info in a table.

GIS Mapping – Aquagenix uses sonar mapping tools to map the entire lake bottom. Information provided such as depth and soft bottom sediment readings can be used to formulate treatment plans and can shed light on problem lakes such as those that have large amounts of algae. Once identified, these thick sediment areas can be targeted for treatment using products such as live bacteria’s that digest the matter and improves the overall condition of the lake.

Drone Surveying and Photography – Aquagenix has the ability to provide high resolution drone video and photographs that was only available before by using an expensive airplane or helicopter service. Aerial surveying can help identify real time problems in hard to reach locations such as isolated canals, ditches, or other bodies of water that are clogged and causing storm water systems to back up. It can also be used to photograph golf courses and communities and used aesthetically for sales purposes.

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