Littoral Shelf

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What is a Littoral Shelf?

A Littoral Shelf is an area of beneficial plantings usually at the shoreline of a lake that resembles a miniature Wetland. These plantings create a healthy ecosystem for birds and fish and are vital for the water and wildlife habitat.
The majority of the new lake designs over the last 20 years have required Littoral Shelves because of the healthy ecosystem they create. ERM (Environmental Resource Management) and other governmental agencies also require these Littoral Shelves to be maintained and Aquagenix assists in the compliance standards that are needed.

Benefits of Littoral Shelves

Algae and Aquatic Weed Control: The Littoral Shelves consume nutrients like nitrogen and phosphorous that contribute to algae and aquatic weeds. By planting the proper littoral plants, the fewer nutrients are introduced to the lake and the fewer aquatic weeds will be in the lake.
Erosion Prevention: Littoral Shelves help prevent erosion because it is at the shoreline. The plant roots become strong in the soil and make lake banks more durable thus helping prevent large lake bank restoration projects in the future.
Healthy Lake Ecosystem: Birds, fish and wildlife consider the Littoral Shelves a safe haven and a healthy habitat.
Aesthetic Beauty and Property Value Enhancement: Many Littoral plants have white, purple, yellow or blue flowers that bloom year round. When designed properly, the look of the Littoral Shelf is aesthetically pleasing and can enhance property values. Aquagenix has designed hundreds of Littoral Shelves and can offer ideas with function and beauty in mind.

Planting and Maintenance of Littoral Shelves

Most new developments require a certain square footage of Littoral Shelves for each project. They also have certain species of littoral plants they spec out. Aquagenix uses these requirements and our knowledge to design and plant the littoral areas. Aquagenix also designs and plants Littoral Shelves for existing lakes for HOA’s, Golf Courses and other clientele.
Once the Littoral Shelves are planted, they need to be maintained. Aquagenix has vast experience in the knowledge of the laws and regulations for the short term and long term maintenance of the Littoral Shelves keeping in compliance with Government Entities. We know the proper maintenance that is needed as well as the permits and approvals that are required.
From design and planting, Government Compliance, to future maintenance, Aquagenix is your experienced, full service Littoral Shelf Maintenance Company.

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