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A healthy and diverse fish population is needed to create an environmentally balanced aquatic environment. Ponds or lakes with certain aquatic weeds will benefit from stocking fish that consume the problem weeds, providing a long-term weed solution. Aquagenix can recommend and provide the correct species of fish for any pond or lake.

Fish stocking options are:

Triploid Grass Carp – To help eradicate difficult to control submersed vegetation, Triploid Grass Carp are an excellent, cost effective addition to a herbicide treatment program. These fish eat three times their body weight in vegetation per day and will not reproduce or harm the reproduction of other fish in the pond. Their average growth rate is 2-5 pounds per season and will need to be restocked every 3-5 years on average. Keep in mind the stocking of Triploid Grass Carp does require a permit from Florida Fish and Wildlife. As a courtesy, we can provide you with a permit application and walk you through the steps needed to get you permitted. Florida Fish and Wildlife will also require you to install fish barriers on any outlets that lead off of your property. We can provide you with a proposal to both contract and install these barriers.


Lake Fish Stocking Mosquito Fish or Gambusia – The most common and effective biological control method of mosquitos is the installation of Mosquito fish or Gambusia into the waterbody. This fish is the most widely stocked fish species on the planet. It is introduced to exclusively eat mosquito larvae before it can mature. Gambusia are able to provide such excellent biological control of mosquitos because 1) they can live in the places mosquitos develop which often contain low amounts of dissolved oxygen; 2) they are small (1-3 inches as adults), making them easy to handle and transport; 3) they have rapid reproduction rates, producing several clutches per year; and 4) they eat mosquito larvae.


Gamefish – The use of native game fish species in ponds is encouraged whenever possible. A pond stocked with healthy bass, bluegills, and catfish will help provide a natural balanced environment and yield many years of enjoyment.

There are many options to greatly reduce the muck & organic material to improve your waterways. Aquagenix can provide you with a more environmentally friendly program that includes turbidity reduction (improves water clarity), “good natural” live bacteria enzymes, muck reduction, aeration systems, and annual GIS mapping to track the reduction of muck & organic material in your lake while charting the improvement over time.

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