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Wetlands / Natural Areas Management

Natural Areas ManagementOver the course of the last 100 years the United States’ natural environments have undergone significant changes. Today, less than fifty percent of our natural resources remain and are under pressure from development, invasive/exotic plants and climate change. All of the Nation’s natural areas contribute to the overall health of the environment by providing aquifer recharge, flood protection, filtration of storm water, habitat for plants and wildlife, and recreation for its residents and visitors. The management of forests, wetlands and natural areas are vital to maintain the ecological balance between nature and the needs of the Nation’s residents.

Aquagenix is actively engaged in maintaining this balance by providing comprehensive natural area maintenance and restoration services. Aquagenix specializes in the management and removal of exotic plants from wetlands, forest preserves, wildlife management areas, natural areas and mitigation sites throughout Country. State, federal, and local governmental agencies rely upon our experience, expertise and strength to eradicate exotic, nuisance and invasive plant species throughout the United States. Aquagenix also offers these same programs to residential and commercial developments to create and maintain their wetlands and preserves.