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"I have been working with Aquagenix and Michael D. Kaighin an Aquagenix Branch Manager, for the past fourteen years, and have always been completely satisfied with their quality of work, and their responsiveness to the needs of my various Boards of Directors."

- George Niel, CAM
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"Aquagenix has serviced the GlenLAkes Partnership, LTD and GlenLakes Homeowners Association since 1995. They have been our aquatic professional for all our aquatic needs within our community (nearly 1100 homes) with over 35 bodies of water. We are sure that should you retain Aquagenix for all your aquatic needs, you will find them both professional and responsive, looking out for the best interest and the long term concerns of the community."

- Angelo Scebba, GlenLAkes Licensed Community Association Manager
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"Aquagenix service personnel are attentive and professional. The service has been consistent and timely in meeting the contract requirements. The Association is very satisfied with Aquagenix and highly recommends their services."

- Joyce Gillespie, Herons Glen HOA Manager
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"Since taking over our Lake Maintenance & Marina Services many years ago, Aquagenix has provided excellent results oriented servicing on our 18 lakes and Marina at our golf course community "Kissimmee Bay Country Club.""

- Jeff Portman, Infrastructure Committee Chariman, Kissimmee Bay HOA
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"Lake Mandarin Garden Homeowners Association would like to recomment to you Aquagenix. They have been the lake maintenance and oversight agen for our eleven acres of neighborhood lakes and aeration system since 2010. We can recommend Aquagenix for your similar service needs."

- Don Lindstrom, President
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"Pelican Preserve highly recommends Aquagenix as our service provider. They are extremely responsive to our concerns and have consistently delivered a quality product."

- Robert Geppert, Resident Chairman, Pelican Preserve Ponds