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Aquatic Planting/Aquascaping

Native aquatic plants are often mistaken for weeds and many people would prefer to not have plants in their lakes. However, aquatic plants are extremely beneficial to ponds, lakes and other wetland ecosystems. Some of the benefits of having native aquatic plants include: erosion control, trapping sediment, nutrient cycling, absorbing pollutants and providing habitat for fish and other wildlife.

Erosion Control: Emergent plants around the shoreline help control erosion that is caused by currents and wave action. These plants also help stabilize the soil around the shoreline.

Sediment, Pollutants & Nutrients: Plants trap run-off from lawns, fields and roadways which keeps the sediment from entering the waterway. This buffer zone can also absorb excess fertilizers that have been applied to lawns and turf grass before they enter the waterway and create a disruption in the aquatic system. Aquatic plants also absorb pollutants, influence the supply of oxygen in the water and utilize other nutrients in the water that would otherwise be used by algae, thereby improving water clarity.

Provides Habitat for Fish and other Wildlife: Aquatic plants provide shelter and habitat for insects and snails, thereby providing food for birds and fish. These plants also give small fish a place to hide from larger predators.

Aquagenix can provide delivery, installation and maintenance of aquatic and wetland plants. Contact your Aquagenix Representative today to schedule a consultation.